AUG 18th: Mobile Innovators: A Fireside Chat Series #6


Come join us for Mobile Monday in New York on Aug 18th and take part in our fireside chat series with Mobile Innovators.

Monday,  August 18, 2014 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

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The event will be held at:

Convene Conference Center 101 Park Ave.
101 Park Ave
New York, NY 10178 

Come learn, share and network with us and your industry peers. We’ll have great conversation, practical insight, and energizing, actionable content—all we need is you.

Speaker for August 18th:

Christopher Tse
Senior Director
McGraw-Hill Education

Chris is a technologist by trade, a designer in practice,  and an entrepreneur at heart. He is a champion of  applying Open Web technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3,  and JavaScript, to create mobile experiences that allow  interactions to move smoothly between devices, users, and brands. Chris is also an innovative thought-leader in scalable systems design, and has given talks on how to apply NoSQL techniques along with functional programming paradigms to build the next-generation cloud back-ends.

He is currently a Senior Director at McGraw-Hill Education, working on applying JavaScript tools to solve problems in the enterprise, building HTML5 interactive components using cards, and architecting smart analytics systems with NoSQL. He is also the curator of CardStack, a catalog of design patterns and open source tools for card development.

Previously, he led the development of social media and dynamic publishing applications at BusinessWeek Digital. Before joining the New York media industry, he co-founded three other technology startups: a database consulting shop, a messaging software company, and a network security research firm.

Chris holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Columbia University and is still very much addicted to New York City. You can follow him on Twitter @christse.

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APRIL 28th: Mobile Monday NY Event: Enhance your App - Premium Audio | Facial Recognition | Rich Video | +Battery (Developer-focused Presentation & Workshop)

Join Mobile Monday NY and Qualcomm on April 28th in New York for a discussion on the future of app entertainment and discover tools that take advantage of powerful multimedia processing and minimize drain on battery. 

Enhance your app with advanced tools that provide – Premium audio, rich video and new features such as facial processing and facial recognition.

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Monday, April 28th from 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Chartbeat Offices, Union Square at 826 Broadway (at 12th street) on the 6th Floor

  • 6pm - 6:30pm: Networking over Pizza and Beers
  • 6:30pm - 6:45pm: Introduction by Mobile Monday, Words by Chartbeat, Introduce Qualcomm
  • 6:45 - 8:45pm: Learning Session put on by Qualcomm

Workshop Presenters:

Steve Brightfield - Qualcomm

Steve Brightfield manages the digital signal processor (DSP) software products for Qualcomm Technologies and has been instrumental in enabling the Hexagon™ DSP to become available to a wider set of embedded developers in order to enhance multimedia experiences on apps.

Tushar Gupta - Qualcomm

Tushar is a developer ecosystem engineer at Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc. He provides support to Qualcomm’s developer community and discusses best practices for developing and optimizing mobile applications at various events and on Qualcomm Developer Network. You can follow Tushar on twitter @takyon.


As the leader in mobile technology innovation, Qualcomm is uniquely positioned to help developers push the boundaries of mobile entertainment. Qualcomm Developer Network offers advanced tools designed to help you create breakthrough apps and experiences with enhanced, multi-dimensional visuals and all-day mobile engagement. We respect the role you play in elevating entertainment experiences for users and our goal is to lend our know-how and technology portfolio to help you tackle your toughest development challenges and give you a powerful synergy between hardware and software. Join the conversation and tap into a valuable collection of insights, expertise, and new business opportunities that will keep you one step ahead in today’s ever-changing mobile ecosystem.


Chartbeat is a real-time analytics service that helps publishers develop a defined loyal audience and monetize their time and attention. We work with editorial teams to align them around the right audience development goals and give them the data they need to adapt when it matters and advertising teams to quantify their audience’s active time and attention rather than just their clicks.

MAR 24th: Mobile Innovators: A Fireside Chat Series #5


Come join us for Mobile Monday in New York on Mar 24th and take part in our fireside chat series with Mobile Innovators.

Monday,  March 24, 2014 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM


RSVP at Eventbrite for the March event.

The event will be held at:

730 Third Ave (Convene Meeting Venue)
between 45th and 46th
New York, NY 10017

March panelists:


Scott Boyarsky
Senior Vice President, Technology

Scott Boyarsky is Senior Vice President of Technology for CNBC, part of the NBC Universal  News Group. He is responsible for leading both the Technology team behind CNBC Digital’s  offerings as well as the Market Data Technology team that powers many of CNBC’s on-air and digital products, including, CNBC iOS and Android apps, CNBC Pro - integrated desktop/mobile service, TV Everywhere, digital video and syndication services, as well as identifying new emerging platforms and product opportunities for the network.

Prior to his promotion, Scott served as Vice President of Product Development and User Experience for CNBC Digital. He was responsible for creating innovative and interactive experiences across CNBC Digital’s suite of products and services.

Before joining NBC, Boyarsky oversaw Technology at Turner Broadcasting, where he was responsible for driving technology strategy and product implementation for a diverse portfolio of News, Finance and Sports brands, including CNN, CNNMoney, CNN International, HLN, NCAA, March Madness Live, and Sports Illustrated.

Prior to Turner, Scott served as Director of Technology and Product Development with The Walt Disney Company. He was responsible for technology and product development for an eco-consumer digital property spawned via an acquisition by the emerging business acquisition group. Boyarsky also played a leadership role in developing digital products for ABC News. Prior to joining Disney, Scott served as an Executive Web Producer at Thomson Learning, where he led digital strategy, design, and development efforts.

An early adopter of many emerging Web technologies, Scott is often looked upon for strategic product and technical development of new digital initiatives. With his strong business and technology acumen, he has helped navigate the complex landscape of modern digital technologies to provide guidance to Fortune 500 media, publishing, education, healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations.


Kenny Miller
President & Co-Founder

Kenny is President of, the leader in mobile photo applications for brands.’s platform powers branded photo experiences for the Walking Dead, AMC Networks, Dr. Pepper, New England Patriots, PepsiNext, Discovery Networks and more slated for launch during the 1st quarter of 2014.

Kamio based applications have been downloaded 10 Million times and created over 30 Million photos since launch.

Prior to founding, Kenny led strategic initiatives at Viacom including the creation of 2 digital cable channels for Nickelodeon (Noggin and Teen Nick) as well as 4 years as EVP / Head of Digital Product for MTV Networks.

As Head of Product for MTV Networks, Miller created technologies and processes to strengthen the cable conglomerates worldwide digital businesses. He developed and implemented systems that grew global traffic by more than 10 million monthly uniques by optimizing search, digital video, and integrated social networking.

Miller joined Viacom in 1992 as Executive Producer and Technical Director at Viacom New Media, with responsibility for video game publishing, as well as Viacom’s first interactive cable tests.

At Viacom he led the development of products and brands that contributed 250 million dollars of digital revenue to MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures and the rest of the Viacom stable. He also built and managed R&D teams that created the first interactive music games for MTV as well as the first user generated content systems for Nickelodeon.

Kenny’s career as an interactive media pioneer extends to Apple where he worked as an designer within their Human Interface Group. While there his research addressed the intersection of media and interactivity with a focus on the user’s creativity.

Miller has a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Northwestern University, and a Master’s from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where he has also served as an adjunct professor.

Top 10 Enterprise Insights From New York’s Mobile Monday Thought Leadership Series

by J Schwan.

As the co-organizer of Mobile Monday New York, I had the opportunity to moderate a series of “Fireside Chats” with some of New York’s enterprise mobile thought leaders.  Here are some of the themes that resonated throughout the three month series.

1) Mobile First Strategies Win For The Right Business Models
Chris Gonzalez and Evan Maloney from Gilt Groupe highlighted that close to 40% of Gilt’s revenue comes through the mobile channel.  The “flash sale” model encourages users to jump on their mobile devices wherever and whenever to get access to Gilt’s limited supplies of high quality products.  They increase engagement through incredible photography, scrupulously optimized for each mobile and desktop device’s resolution.

2) Mobile Can Offer Incremental Innovation Or Entirely New Business Models
In the B2B space, user’s of existing big browser based products aren’t necessarily willing to pay separately for mobile, but most are coming to expect mobile access for key use cases.  Avi Eratapalli from Citi considers these types of rollouts as “incremental innovation”, a necessary capability from a defensive positioning perspective. But there are also opportunities for entirely new business models to emerge via the mobile channel.  Avi shared some of Citi’s work in the institutional space powering mobile wallets in emerging markets and mobile B2B payments capabilities for CPG distributors and small business owners.  Bob Schukai from Thomson Reuters discussed the opportunities for new business models combining both digital and print services.

3) B2B Mobile Strategies Aren’t Dramatically Different from B2C
User-centric design was the key to driving mobile product strategies, regardless of the audience.  Michael DiPierro from Pershing highlighted their strategy for analyzing a “day in the life” of their financial advisors to uncover the mobile moments in their business.  Also, cross-channel experiences were key to identifying where the real opportunities were, given business users’ propensity to be on both desktops and mobile platforms throughout the day.  Tatyana Zlotsky from American Express’ Open business unit talked about the success of their ReceiptMatch solution and their recent integration with Intuit’s QuickBooks platform.  ReceiptMatch allows users to scan receipts with their phone and tag them to accounting categories in QuickBooks’ desktop products.

4)  Native or HTML5?  Yes.
All of our thought leaders highlighted a combined approach of using both native and HTML5 technologies for their mobile channel.  Native investments were made in the platforms/features with the most usage.  For example, Gilt’s iOS app, which drives a significant portion of it’s mobile revenue, is built with fully native technologies, while it’s Android app is a hybrid of native and HTML5 based development.

5) Mobile Is Heightening the Emphasis on UX in the Enterprise
Bob Schukai noted that the democratization of software development in the app stores and the consumerization of IT has lead to an elevated expectation of what user experience should be, even for internal-facing tools.  Tatyana talked about Amex’s view that user experience was a strategic differentiator for their business, and they are investing accordingly.

6) Agile Delivery Is Where it’s At
Evan and Chris from Gilt talked about how Gilt’s 6-week deployment lifecycle was powered by Agile principles.  Pershing and Citi acknowledged their waterfall histories but their desire and traction towards moving to more Agile-based development.

7) For Multi-National Mobile Roll-Outs, Traction is Often Greatest in Emerging Markets
Avi mentioned that they saw (comparatively) more traction for their products in Asia and Eastern Europe vs. the US and Western Europe.  This was attributed to emerging markets more aggressive adoption of mobile and (in some cases) the stronger wireless vs. wired infrastructure in many countries.

8) Compliance and Legal Are A Major Consideration, But They’re Not Stopping Innovation
Michael DiPierro talked about the necessity to encrypt information in transit and limit storage on the device when possible.  But the rules for mobile generally follow the rules for the web and most lawyers and regulators are starting to realize that.

9) Enterprise API Strategies Are A Way To Crowdsource Innovation
Bob Schukai talked about Reuters recent release of a public API and how the company views that as a means of crowdsourcing innovation and identifying potential acquisitions.

10) Everyone’s Watching Wearables
From financial services to retail to publishing, everyone agrees that wearables, and specifically Google Glass, will offer amazing opportunities to push enterprise innovation further.  Tatyana brought up that there needs to be more of a female perspective in the design of wearables.  Right now, they all seem to be made by guys, for guys. I think she’s right.